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laryngeal disease is quiescent and there is no progressive destruction of tissue

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particularly if the breast be large that it prevents the possibility of

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children. The one characteristic symptom upon which we rely in the

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than to the introduction of that instrument from the excruci

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sulted from the witch doctor concepts of disease and therapy.

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an editorial entitled Faith Healing and the Law. Ac

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Quinic Acid in Gout. Weiss J. Medical Press and Circular

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present during the fatal attacks it was questionable whether

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the patient can be relieved by injections of morphia application of ice bags

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trance requirements to our schools and a period of study eciual to that

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I have heard some of the older members of the profession say that

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operation are very considerable. Leaving aside the ele

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yet press on nerve trunks or filaments in such a manner as to

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attacks of the disease. The symptoms were as follows About

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the advantages without one of the disadvantages of the ordinary

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Tv Fon Om m Nth. for doty from Fort Benjamin Harriaon Lieut.

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effect a cure. lu many such recorded cases though the

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ought to be considered as one of those disorders in which the bowels

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but as the case appeared to have existed for some time and such

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evidence and to his ruling in addressing the jury. The Court

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An answer to this question was sought for using the carbol gelatin

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frequency of closure of the anterior descending branch of the coronary

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introduction for as he had shown elsewhere it had long

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view to solve the difficulty above cited. Yet we can but believe that

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such surgical operations as are not included in the special works on

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sumptions especially when the indications for admission are not exclu

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object of this new organization is to secure reasonable

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heart itself has been recommended it has even been suggested that

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morbus consumption convulsions croup diarrhoea dropsy dropsy of

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