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bourhood and not having been in the country she could not ima

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is to be found in a chronic interstitial inflammation of the ducts which

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the whole precordial region and at the angle of the

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Tiye srostki slyoznikU kanaltsev. Fungoid growths of

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they are considerably above or below to C the optimum

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men in practice in the mountains proves that quinine is

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worst. The others were combated easily ordinarily. Fault was to

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I advised termination of the pregnancy because of the bad

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safer if we continue it in moderate doses for about one

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age and in dilatation of the aorta just above the mlves.

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ivriter has referred to cases in which hallucinations were

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The wry neck had been treated by straps holding horse against

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ber like masses. The forehead prominences are exag

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ninth day. I can easily understand that this might be requisite

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was usually absent at first makes its appearance and becomes more

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ence that intemperance exerts upon the production of

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half hour or hour according to the age of the patient and

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other form of toxaemia and they occur in the terminal.stage.

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Adenot. L appendicite et le bacterium coli commune.

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uation of the virulence of a culture so treated increases

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ted. The Superintendent remarks that sufficient time

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infected to healthy animals by the bite of the tsetse fly Glossina

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and abdominal cavities with the hand. After consid

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one tube to another for each injection. The cost of the syringe is

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should be carefully suited to his powers of digestion and

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She was observed during a course of roentgen ray treatments. She recovered

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die Wirkung einer Beigabe von Calcium Strontium resp.

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the former much less frequently than the latter which is prone to follow

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of disease of bladder of congestion of brain of consump

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lesions attending an attack of laminitis proper a disease which

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seed by cultivator who aw willing not only to pay a high price

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association have accomplished some notable reforms in

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and made the wound clean then you shall heal it up with

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is manifested by symptoms of progressive general paralysis.

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The address pointed out the practical application of the most

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