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Later the instrument is removed and the opening made in the urethra

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good test whereby to test a six months child and from other medical

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illustrated his arguments by diagrams of the pearly

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Dr. A. Barkan reported and exhibited several cases of paralysis of

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fatalities of the Third Aviation Instruction Center of which there were

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piston after the insertion of the needle entrance of blood through the

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In a number of cases sudden death is due to some serious acute

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obstruction. The indications for the latter operation

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hours work is spared the heart. Or about ten feet of wire

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the distensibility of the heart during diastole namely the pressure under

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many as seven in a six months illness the largest number he

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Adult aged had been drinking for two weeks. After lunch

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and later on the irritation set up by the introduction

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to he local authorities to provide shelter beds and

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country who reported not onl that many of our schools

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fireplaces etc. iron which occurs as framework railing for

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and usually extends over a larger superficial area or is less circumscribed

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ing the phenomena of life are accomplished through its agency

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the increase is influenced by the user s manipulations. If

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an oblique entrance which serves as a valve. In cases

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These studies are being conducted by the National Cancer Institute s

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stirring until the mass cools which may be hastened

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the ribs and sternum is sometimes met with union occurs by bone in

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self to throat ail arising from a d speptic stomach and it

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solid food is not permissible it should not be allowed.

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this active congestion w th the settling of blood in

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of us have the leisure fewer still I fear the inclination

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Max Mann gives a case of cor triloculare biatriatum dying at

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